Cassandra MacLeane

Cassandra MacLeane is a psychic numerologist, working in Vancouver, B.C. She specializes in numerology, Tarot reading, and mediumship.

Cassandra's Psychic Beginnings

“I am, for the most part, self taught. I have always been fascinated by numerology, and long ago I began to construct charts, and developed my own system which I call Numero Cycology. I can't recall the very first books that I read on the subject of numerology, but I do remember coming across Florence Campbell and Matthew Oliver Goodwin and feeling that at last I'd found some kindred spirits.

For the most part, however, the system that I use came out of my work at the Danish Tea room on Robson Street in Vancouver Canada in the 80s. The Danish Tea room was my laboratory – I made lots of mistakes, but learned from every one of them. It was a real risk, setting up to do readings in a tea room to try out my theories. But the fact that I grew up in a psychic family was very helpful, and that’s when my passion for the use of charts began to develop.
If I think about the people who have influenced me most outside of my family and one of my ex-husbands, I would have to say that a Spiritualist Medium and Minister called Beatrice Gaulton Bishop, though she did not particularly wish to mentor me, was very influential. Aside from that I had no psychic teachers – the most important influences from the beginning of my career as a reader were psychologists and theosophists. In fact, for several years before, I was involved with the Theosophical society, and was Vice President (and subsequently President) of the Vancouver branch when I began to work in the Danish tea room.
I believe that my deep interest in Jungian psychology and in the writings of Madame Blavatsky – The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled – probably caused my readings to evolve very differently than most readers.

In addition, I was blessed to have the attention and mentoring in the area of communication by Dr. David Dobson, who took the place of Milton Erickson, when Erickson became ill, in the trio of Satir, Pearls and Erickson in the evolving field of Neuro-linguistic programming.”

Psychic Abilities

Cassandra's readings are focused on providing psychic insight. Don't expect to hear tales of tall dark strangers, long trips across water, the return of lost lovers, or an offer to remove bad luck (the traditional kind of fortune-telling) when you visit her in her Kitsilano office or have a session with her on the phone or internet. Not that her readings lack the magical quality of accurate prediction; in fact, she's known for her eerie accuracy. She has trained for many decades as a psychic, and for the past several years as a psychic medium.

Although it’s a psychic reading, she relies on the foundation of the chart to open the space for the reading to happen. Sometimes she knows everything a client needs to know before she settles into the reading, however, the ritual of composing the chart changes the energy of the space in a way that nothing else can.

Psychic Medium

Cassandra has a non-traditional way of speaking to spirit. For several years she has been attending courses at Arthur Findlay College in London. What she has discovered is that each medium (a person who speaks to spirit) must approach this discipline in a way that works best for her gifts. In Cassandra’s case, she discovered accidentally that she is best able to communicate with spirit through a particular deck of tarot cards (the Voyager deck). This made sense to her since she has used tarot cards all of her life – and the results speak for themselves.

Cassandra once told a sea captain in New Zealand to put down the phone and make an appointment to see his doctor that very day. The doctor said his blood pressure was extremely elevated and that if he had waited until the next day it would have been too late.
Perspective is the greatest gift a psychic can bring to a reading. Though there is a strong element of prediction in any good reading, and certainly this magical component is to be expected, Cassandra’s strongest interest is in the possibility contained within the elements of each client's chart.

Psychic readings are only really useful if the client leaves a session with a new perspective on his or her life.

Spiritual and Personal Advisor

“Cassandra MacLeane describes herself in different ways: “literary psychic,” “clairvoyant,” “numerologist” and “tarot card reader.” But I think of Cassandra as a spiritual and personal advisor who, with great mastery, employs a variety of tools to help me move on to a more successful future.

Yes, she is a master of the tools she employs, and I can see the ways each of these tools benefit her clients in the work she does. But what makes Cassandra truly special, in my view, is the humanity she brings to her work. This always stands on top of the tools she knows so well.
I’ve visited many “psychics,” “clairvoyants” and what have you over the years. So why does Cassandra stand apart? Because she brings many years of working with people at a deep personal level — she brings her humanity and her understanding of how we as humans function into the equation, and no amount of tarot reading by itself is going to be a substitute for Cassandra’s profound understanding of the why and how of our lives, both in the present and in the future.

Cassandra is firmly grounded in this world, while understanding the outward forces that shape our destinies. I’ve never met a spiritual advisor who can provide not only direction in the short-term, but, and far more importantly, direction as to how I might shape my life in the years to come.”

—Thad McIlroy, The Future of Publishing, Inc.