Cassandra's Secret Cycle Guide

Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide is a personalized guide to a year in your life. It uses a complex system of cycles to address the numerological energies of the world that you live in, and the world that lives in you.

The guide comes in the form of a beautifully designed hardcover book. Thousands of books have been written about how you should live your life, how to achieve your dreams, how to move through the world. But none—until now—has been able to tell you when to act on your dreams and conflicts, when to be brash and take charge, or when to sit back and watch a situation unfold.

The wisdom of Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide lies in its ability to answer one simple question: When should I act on the things that are important to me?


How Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide works

You, and everyone else in the world, are affected by two energies: the energy of the world outside of you and the energy inside of you. These energies move in cycle patterns much like the cycle patterns that exist in the world of biology, climatology, physics and, of course, the physical and emotional patterns that all humans experience as they move through life. Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide addresses both of the unique energies that affect you each year, month and day. The first cycle energy is the numerological cycle of the outer world, the material universe in which we all live. The second cycle energy, the one that has previously been ignored, is the inner cycle, your emotional and spiritual cycle.

Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide tells you how your emotions and dreams complement and conflict the cycle energy of your outer world.

What can Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide do for me?

Owning your own edition of Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide is like having your own personal psychic numerologist to consult with for an entire year. Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide gives you the tools to move through the world with direction and conviction. It gives you the confidence to take chances and to avoid making mistakes.

Our difficulties often arise because we don’t know when to act. Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide is important because it tells you when to act or not to act, and is tailored to your own unique cycle-energy pattern.  




Who is Cassandra?

Cassandra MacLeane is a psychic numerologist who has used numerology cycles as a basis for her work for more than thirty years. She developed Cassandra’s Secret Cycle Guide by studying her own life and the lives of thousands of her clients.

In this short video, Cassandra MacLeane presents her Secret Cycle Guide.