Renaissance Dogs


Ren-ais-sance: A rebirth or revival.

It was a poignant occasion for the adults. The family had gathered in Kelowna for a memorial service for Dale Chisholm, the owner and very best friend of a Pomeranian named Sonny.

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Bella and the Tree

Bella Lapointe, a Rottweiler, was, in her 12 years on earth, the most gracious of all big dogs. Her gleaming coat and soulful eyes were evidence of the aptness of her name. In physical shape and personality, Bella was truly a beauty.

I have always found the practice of saying only nice things about the departed a little uncomfortable and out of integrity. I was at a friend’s funeral once and when all the tributes were over our mutual friend Lindsay turned to me and asked, “Who were they talking about?” I agreed with the sentiment.

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The Cornucopia of Abundance

This morning, I woke up thinking about abundance.  Vancouver seems to be abundant in blossom, visitors and even medals right now. We also seem to be extremely abundant in red clothing.

So today, while thinking about abundance, how we achieve it, if we notice it when it’s all around us, why some people—no matter how abundant their lives are—live in “not abundance,” I was distracted by my little dog, Siriuss, staring fixedly out the window for so long that I just had to see what he was watching.

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Spiritual Cowboys and Sociable Horses

I don’t usually talk or write about my clients lives, but sometimes stories emerge that are just too good to keep to myself. Yesterday two of these interesting stories emerged, both phone readings, both Alberta clients.

The first story was a classic case of a psychic message having difficulty piercing through my rational mind.

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The Spirit Who Wasn’t There

Last week, one of my long-standing clients came for her annual birthday reading. The woman is First Nations, and it was obvious from the moment she arrived that many of her people had decided to help her celebrate—spirit people, I mean.

Almost immediately, I became aware of one dominant spirit woman wearing a red-and-black blanket covered with buttons. I described the spirit, and though my client didn’t recognize the person in particular, she affirmed that her mother’s band wore that kind of ceremonial costume on special occasions.

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