A special Testimonial


Firstly, I want to thank Cassandra for believing in me and being honest. Last year, I was facing a difficult time and nothing was going right. I found Cassandra's page and booked an appointment after thinking about it for a few days. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!

I was convinced that I was going to drop out of school because school wasn't meant for me. I didn't bother registering for school when the time came around. I failed all 12 of my classes in University. There was too much chaos on my plate. I have always had low self-esteem and didn't really have much motivation. As Cassandra was doing the reading she came across a card that had to do with school. She asked me about the school I was attending. I explained that I was learning criminology and that I'm not going back to school because school isn't meant for me. She said, "but school is for you. You're very intelligent. You need to go back and learn how to focus because you are very smart and creative." She mentioned school a few times. She even pulled out a card representing me going back to school.

Taking her reading into consideration and her highly motivating words, I then applied to a new University to begin a fresh new start. I am currently enrolled in the Law enforcement program. If it wasn't for this reading and Cassandra's encouraging words I would have dropped out of school for good. However, I am almost done my diploma and I am one of the top students. If Cassandra didn't take her time out to tell me that I was intelligent and need to work on my self-esteem, I would have been lost. Hearing a professional tell me that I was intelligent and reassuring me that I will be successful was probably what I needed the most. I got a reading done just a couple days ago and she brought up a card that represented success and she asked me if I was doing well in my classes and I answered yes. What made me feel even more confident about the things that Cassandra said about my schooling and my life was that I was listening to a professional who is extremely good at her job and wouldn’t lie to me. She even brought up things that no one knew. Cassandra has got me shaping my future and creating bigger goals for my life. After my third year, I will be writing my LSAT exam for the University of British Columbia.

I promise you that Cassandra is the real thing and is extremely accurate about what she says. Sometimes the truth is difficult to listen to but Cassandra will not lie to you and will be honest. I don’t trust many people in my life but I definitely TRUST Cassandra. I reassure you that you will be happy after the reading. I feel like a million bucks because Cassandra has taught me more about myself than I knew and encouraged me to do better. She’s beautiful on the in and the outside. Cassandra, thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much!!

Vancouver B.C